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  • Using Purecomponent To Prevent Wasted Renders In React

    The shouldComponentUpdate lifecycle event in React components provides a way to have more granular control over when a component should re-render as a result of an internal state update, or as dictated by the parent. Earlier this could be done by comparing nextProps with the current props using the now...

  • Sharing Websocket In React Components

    Often times there is a requirement to share a common websocket connection between React components. I have been using the React Context API to do that. Example for socket.io: In this case there is a top level component file App.js where the socket is initialized and then made available to...

  • Gsoc Mentor This Year

    I will be mentoring students in Google Summer of Code this year for two organizations: CloudCV - project: Origami. Chapel - project: Chapel Online IDE (fresh start). Time to take a look at things from the other side of the table. Looking forward to a fruitful summer! :D