Working at SDSLabs

Note: This is a crosspost from the SDSLabs blog.

This post is a continuation to SDSLabs’ now customary series of posts before the recruitment in January where we write about our experience with lab.

It has been 11 months since I joined lab in January and I find it difficult to distill down all the experiences in this post. But I’ll try.

It is very amusing to me as I reflect back on the changes that SDSLabs has brought in my life so far. Checking emails and Slack and Hacker News has taken a precedence over Facebook and Reddit, Elementary OS has replaced Windows, and python has replaced video games. Lab is the place where I was first introduced to the fascinating realm of open source software. I had always loved using software since the NES games days but actually starting to make it myself has been nothing short of a revelation to me. Thanks to SDSLabs for that!

Learning Experience

The first month was spent in lectures and getting up and running with the essential tech. After that I picked up Backdoor and worked on a new feature. Then Srishti, hobbies club’s annual tech-exhibition arrived and I managed it’s website and also made a rock-paper-scissors game with the Leap Motion device we have in lab. In the summer break I worked on some small side projects. Other than that, participating in a hackathon allowed me to try out a crazy but fun idea. My major project was on Backdoor’s behind the wheels automation which introduced me to some very exciting technologies. I have written about it in detail in another blog post.

Work Culture

Work culture in lab is literally what it’s motto says: Think. Build. Ship. You can work on any existing project that you like or even a new one. Senior members in lab are some of the best mentors you can get in campus. There are a lot of things to learn everytime you talk to them, be it best practices in writing software, or some new interesting tech, or even what you should google if you want to do . Not to forget the code reviews from time to time. Slack, with its amazing addons has now become an integral part of lab's culture. Every commit message, code review, new issue, and deployment status goes straight to our Slack. We have this system of `++` and `--` that keeps the score of every lab member and we use it as a tool to punish bad deeds (seriously, those `--` hurt so much; btw I am about to hit 100 for the first time, unless someone resets it yet again while testing their custom bot scripts). One important aspect that has also been mentioned many times in previous posts is that all discussions/code is always open to all members. This lack of bureaucracy makes lab a very comfortable place to be in.


Like most campus groups in IITR, we also have our annual trip. Last time we went to Rishikesh. Playing Mafia late at night on the banks of Ganga (my n00b level in this game is over 9000) and the river rafting next day made it memorable. We also have our fair share of chapos. Working in lab is fun.


SDSLabs goes recruiting this January. Visit for more info and keep an eye on our Facebook page for important announcements.