Translation limit

Translation limit can be set on the controls. The anchor point is the position of the object when the setTranslationLimit function is called. This puts a limit on the object’s translation.

{ x: [-1, 2], y: false, z: false } - sets the translation limit to 1 unit in the -x-direction, +2 units in the +x-direction, and no limit on the y and z-direction. Setting the limit to false disables the limit in all directions.

const controls = new ControlsManager.anchor(box);
// move the object around
box.position.z = 1;
// set translation limit around the object's position (0, 0, 1)
  x: [-1, 3],
  y: false,
  z: false
// disable all limits

An example showing translation limits can be seen below.

View example

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